Student HelpZone

Keeping People Safe

Local businesses in Glasgow
providing services to support
the student community.

If you need immediate help always call 999

About HelpZones

Should you find yourself in immediate danger, feel unsafe or be a victim of crime it is  essential that you get yourself to a place of safety at the earliest opportunity.

  • Call 999 from your mobile or ask someone to call it for you
  • Scream and shout to attract attention
  • Get to a busy place where there are others – get somewhere safe.

There will be occasions where the immediate danger has passed, however you may still be feeling in a vulnerable position.  To address this Police Scotland’s Greater Glasgow Division has been working with local businesses to provide HelpZones for the student community.

What are Student HelpZones?

  • Student HelpZones are business or premises that have agreed to provide basic assistance to students when needed.
  • These HelpZones are a place for any student that feels vulnerable, unwell or has been a victim of a crime and/or in need of assistance.
  • Student HelpZones map the common routes taken by students to and from their residence and university and/or the city centre.
  • The HelpZones will allow the student to stay within the premises within the normal business hours until the cause of the vulnerability goes away, or the HelpZone can call a taxi or the emergency services for the student if they are unable to do so themselves.

What a Student HelpZone is not:

  • A replacement for an emergency service.
  • To provide any other assistance than already described above.
  • A place to shelter out of bad weather.
  • A taxi rank.

Local businesses have very kindly provided their services to help the student community. It is asked by all students that this generosity is respected and not abused.