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Student Taxi Scheme


Strathclyde & Glasgow Caledonian Students’ Associations in partnership with Glasgow Taxis have launched the Student Taxi Scheme.
Ensuring you always get home safely you can now use your Student Registration Card to pay for a taxi home in an emergency when you don’t have any cash!
Whether you have lost your purse or had it stolen, with the Get home Safe scheme you can now call Glasgow Taxis quoting Strath1 and the rest is sorted out afterwards…

  • Step 1 Call 0141 429 7070, quoting ‘Get Home Safe’ and either Strath1 or GCU1
  • Step 2 Check registration matches the text you have before getting in the cab
  • Step 3 When you get home sign the driver’s receipt and hand over your student ID
  • Step 4 Wait 24 hours, collect your card from Union reception and pay your fare plus £2 admin charge

Details of the student taxi scheme can be found at: