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Know Your Rights

In Scotland you have certain rights and responsibilities and it is important that you know what these are.

By knowing the law, your rights, your responsibilities, and working together with the police, you can make a difference and make Scotland a better place to live.

The police have certain powers, which they use to investigate offences, keep the peace and keep us all safe – and they have a duty to carry all this out.

For more information on the powers of the police, how you can help the police and what your rights are, see the ‘Know Your Rights’ document here.

Within the ‘Know Your Rights’ document you can also learn more about:

  • Young people and the police,
  • What you can legally do at what age,
  • Drugs and the law,
  • What the law says about New Psychoactive Substances (often mistakenly referred to as ‘legal highs’),
  • Alcohol, cigarettes and young people,
  • Your personal safety, including information on sex, bullying, driving and online safety.