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Motorbike Safety

Scotland has some of the best roads in Europe for motorbikes however you should always be aware of your own vulnerability and ride according to the road, weather and traffic conditions.

The consequences of being involved in any crash while riding a motorbike can be serious.  Motorbike riders should not over estimate their own abilities and should at all times ride defensively. The majority of road crashes are avoidable and often involve basic errors of judgement being made by the rider.

Motorbike riders are over-represented in the total number of casualties on Scotland’s roads; and even more so in the number of fatalities. In 2013 motorbike casualties accounted for 7% of all casualties and 13% of all fatalities, compared to less than 1% of all road traffic.

Motorbike riders will always be more vulnerable on the roads than car drivers. Weather conditions changing suddenly, excessive speed and poor judgement in overtaking can all add to that danger.

There are a number of things you can do to reduce the risk of crashing on a motorbike:

  • Take time to negotiate bends on rural A roads
  • Take extra care at junctions – remember in a busy environment or built up areas you could get lost to other drivers in all the activity
  • Take care when overtaking and only overtake when it is safe to do so
  • Know your cycle and how to manage it if you do start to feel like you are losing control.

Clothing is particularly important when riding a motorbike.  Your clothing is important for your visibility and for your safety.  During the day you should ensure you are wearing bright or fluorescent colours over your protective clothing and in the evening reflective clothing should be worn. A helmet is required by law when riding a motorbike.