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What should I think about when using taxis or private hire cars?

  • If you know a taxi company you are happy with, try and use them regularly and keep their number on your phone.
  • Pre-book your taxi home before you leave the house, or at the very least before the end of your night out.
  • Choose a well-lit area to be collected from where other people are likely to be about. Avoid isolated or remote areas.
  • When booking a private hire car, ask the company to text you when the taxi has arrived. This means you can avoid waiting in the street and will have your own journey record. Consider choosing a company which offers this service.
  • Make sure you’ve got enough money to pay for your journey.
  • If you’ve ordered a private hire car, make sure the one that arrives is yours – have the driver confirm the details to you.
  • Hackney taxis can ply for trade but private hire cars can’t and must be pre-booked. Don’t make an on street arrangement with a private hire car driver as it won’t be recorded by the company.
  • The driver should have a badge which should be clearly displayed. You can ask to see this.
  • When ordering a taxi from a public place, be discreet – don’t shout out all your details – you don’t know who is listening in.
  • Always wear a seatbelt – it’s the law and more importantly it’s for your own safety.