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If you need immediate help always call 999

What can I do to stay safe on Public Transport?

  • Try to use busy stops / stations, especially after dark.
  • Remain aware of who is about when using an automatic ticket machine.
  • If CCTV is available, stand in view of it while you’re waiting.
  • If you’ve been drinking, try and travel with others and be very careful on train platforms. Remember it’s an offence to be drunk on a train and you may be refused travel on public transport.
  • Take care when crossing roads, especially if you’ve been drinking alcohol.
  • On an empty bus, sit near the driver.
  • On a train, sit in a carriage where there are other people – ideally, one which will allow you to alight close to your station’s exit.
  • Check to see where the nearest emergency chain is located.
  • If you feel threatened at all, move away and tell the driver, conductor or guard.
  • Report unattended bags, packages or parcels immediately.