Student HelpZone

Keeping People Safe

Local businesses in Glasgow
providing services to support
the student community.

If you need immediate help always call 999

How do I stay safe on foot?

  • When out walking, always attempt to walk facing the traffic so that a car cannot pull up behind you.
  • Stick to main busy roads as much as possible.
  • Plan your route along the Student HelpZone Network.
  • If you think someone is following you, check by safely crossing to the other side of the street – cross more than once if necessary. If the person behind you crosses also and you believe that your suspicions are confirmed, stay to main, busy routes until you get to the first safe place and contact the police.
  • If you regularly go jogging or cycling, try to vary your route and the time you go. Stick to well-lit, preferably busy, roads with pavements and avoid wooded areas.
  • Don’t take short-cuts through dark alleyways, parks or waste ground.
  • Take care when crossing roads, especially if you’ve been drinking alcohol.