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If you need immediate help always call 999

How to report domestic abuse

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In an emergency always call 999 (if the incident is ongoing or life is in danger).

If you have been the victim or witness to domestic abuse, or have concerns regarding a victim of domestic abuse there are several ways you can report this to the police.

  • At your local police office.  If the incident is urgent, this is the best way to report it.  If someone is in immediate danger always phone 999.
  • At a remote reporting site (See related documents at the bottom of this page).  Trained staff from partner agencies can take your report and forward it to the police.
  • Use Police Scotland’s online domestic abuse form.  If you are unable to go to your local police office or remote reporting site (or prefer to remain anonymous), you can submit the form directly to us.

Reporting incidents assists Police Scotland in tackling domestic abuse.  The information you provide is valuable.  It enables the police to identify areas of concern and patterns of behaviour that could lead to the prosecution of offenders and to ensuring the safety of the victim.

Remote Reporting

Remote reporting offers victims or witnesses to domestic abuse, or any person who has concerns for a victim of domestic abuse, the opportunity to report incidents at a remote reporting site, in a confidential and supportive environment.

Remote reporting sites provide suitably trained staff who can take your report.  You can remain anonymous if you wish.  If you supply your personal details these will be treated with the strictest confidence, however in circumstances where there is a risk of significant harm or child protection concerns, these may be shared with partner agencies.

On receipt of this report Police Scotland will:

  • Ensure the safety and wellbeing of victims, their families and any other person present.
  • Conduct a thorough investigation of all incidents, securing all available evidence and take appropriate action.
  • Actively pursue offenders so they can be held accountable through the criminal justice system.

A number of locations have been identified where you can go to report domestic abuse.  These remote reporting sites are listed here.

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